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CloudPlanner Pro is the world's simplest school planner. Learn how it works in less than a single minute.

Create an Account

It's really easy. You don't even need an email.


The Registration Page

Go to the registration page and enter a username and password. Click submit and you're ready.


Log In The Same Way

It's just like the registration page. Enter your username and password. Submit and you're in.


Straight to the Point

You will be automatically directed to the calendar of this month. Keep scrolling to see it happen.


Main Menu

With one main screen, you can easily access your monthly calendar in the most simple, yet fluid view ever to be released to human kind.

Try hovering over the calendar.

Our UI is built to be simple, but with a flat, material design to show a modern, yet unique interface. Fun fact: About half of the time spent on this project was on the interface.

Navigate to your next assignment day.

Quickly expand and explore your assignments with the click of a button. Select a date to expand it. Take a closer look at your assignments.

Assignments Today

Create, edit, or delete assignments in one area.


Create Assignments

Click the + button in the bottom right to create a new assignment. Simply type in the assignment and hit Enter.


Editing Assignments

Click the edit button across from the assignment to edit it. Similar to creating an assignment, edit the text and hit Enter.


Delete Assignments

Click the X button across from the assignment to delete it.

Day View Integration and Design

With the most convenient layout yet beautiful design, CloudPlanner Pro™️'s planner day view is the most intuitive and easy to learn interface to be provided.

Get your planner online.

Get started on the simplest, most convenient planner ever.


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